Best Top 10 IT Companies in India 2020

India is one of the biggest IT offshoring hubs, and Top IT companies are playing a significant role in the growth of the countries economy. Here is the list of Top 10 IT companies in India based on Total Revenue and market capitalization. These Ten IT companies are the backbone of India’s  IT Industry.

List of Top 10 IT Companies in India 2020

Tata Consultancy Services (TCS):

TCS was founded in 1968 to provide the punched card services to Tata Steel.TCS is the largest IT company in India by total Market Cap and employee headcount.

TCS is an IT Services, Business Solutions, and Consulting firm which offers various services including Application development and maintenance, Consulting, Enterprise solution, IT infrastructure services, Cognitive Business Operations, Cloud Infrastructure, automation, and AI.

TCS is one of the largest private-sector employers in India.

  • Market Cap: INR 7,68,525.91 Cr
  • Revenue: INR 156,949.00 Cr
  • CEO: Rajesh Gopinathan
  • Number of employees:448,464
  • Headquarters: Mumbai, Maharashtra, India



Infosys is one of the most popular Indian IT companies in the Global IT Outsourcing market. Seven engineers had started Infosys in 1981, with an initial capital of US$250.

Infosys is India’s 2nd largest IT company and has a world-class training center in Mysore Karnataka.

One of its known products is Finacle, a comprehensive banking solution with various modules for retail and corporate banking.

Infosys provides software development, and various product and services, including NIA – Next Generation Integrated AI Platform (formerly known as Mana), global management consulting service through Infosys Consulting, Infosys Information Platform (IIP) – Analytics platform, Panaya Cloud Suite, Skava, Engineering Services, Digital Marketing.

  • Market Cap: INR 2,99,734.72 Cr
  • Revenue: INR 20,187.00 Cr
  • CEO: Salil Parekh
  • Number of employees:242,371
  • Headquarters: Bangalore, Karnataka, India

HCL Tech:

Six engineers, led by Shiv Nadar, started a company that would make personal computers. On 11 August 1976, the company was started as Hindustan Computers Limited (HCL)

HCL provides various services including Applications Services and Systems Integrations, BPO/Business Services, Engineering and R&D Services (ERS), Infrastructure Management Services (IMS), IoT WoRKS, DRYiCE, Digital & Analytics, Cybersecurity, and GRC Services

  • Market Cap: INR 1,56,279.97 Cr
  • Revenue: INR 9,057.00 Cr
  • CEO: C Vijayakumar
  • Number of employees:150,000
  • Headquarters: Noida, Uttar Pradesh, India


Wipro (formerly, Western India Palm Refined Oil Limited ) is an Indian IT Company that provides Information Technology, consulting, and business process services.

Wipro is one of the most excellent IT companies in India mentored by Azim Premji.

Wipro provides various services, including Data, Analytics & AI, Applications, Digital Operations and Platforms, Consulting, Infrastructure Services, Engineering, and Cybersecurity.

  • Market Cap: INR 1,25,010.38 Cr
  • Revenue: INR 13,127.20 Cr
  • CEO: Thierry Delaporte (Effective July 2020)
  • Number of employees:175,000
  • Headquarters: Bangalore, Karnataka, India

Tech Mahindra 

Tech Mahindra Limited is a subsidiary of the Mahindra Group, providing information technology (IT) services and business process outsourcing (BPO).

Other Top Indian IT Companies has clients from mainly the USA; however, Tech Mahindra’s primary client bases are in Europe/UK. Tech Mahindra is considered one of the best IT companies from India in the Telecom Domain.

After the Satyam scandal in 2008-09, Tech Mahindra won the bid for Satyam Computer Services to merge Satyam with Tech Mahindra.

  • Market Cap: INR 56,028.23 Cr
  • Revenue: INR 7,571.90 Cr
  • CEO: C.P. Gurnani
  • Number of employees:125,236
  • Headquarters: Pune, Maharashtra, India

Larsen & Toubro Infotech Ltd.(LTI):

Larsen & Toubro Infotech Ltd is a global IT solutions and services company based in Mumbai, India.

LTI was founded in December 1996 as a wholly-owned subsidiary of Larsen & Toubro Ltd (L&T).

LTI provides various services such as Enterprise Solutions, Cloud, Infrastructure & Security, Applications Management, Digital Transformation.

  • Market Cap: INR 32,335.28 Cr
  • Revenue: INR 2,825.10 Cr
  • CEO: Sanjay Jalona
  • Number of employees: 31419
  • Headquarters: Mumbai, Maharashtra, India


Mphasis was started in June 2000 as a result of the merger of the US-based IT company Mphasis Corporation and the Indian IT company BFL Software Limited.

In June 2006, Electronic Data Systems (EDS) bought a controlling stake in the company (42%)

On 13 May 2008, Hewlett-Packard confirmed the acquisition of Electronic Data Systems (EDS)

Mphasis served as an independent subsidiary with its board and continued to be listed on Indian markets as “Mphasis Limited.”

In April 2016, Blackstone had acquired 84 percent of Hewlett-Packard’s stake in Mphasis.

Mphasis provides information technology services, integrated solutions, business process outsourcing, infrastructure technology, and application services.

  • Market Cap: INR 16,504.69 Cr
  • Revenue: INR 1,209.53 Cr
  • CEO: Nitin Rakesh
  • Number of employees: 22,239
  • Headquarters: Bangalore, Karnataka, India


Mindtree is one of the new age Indian IT companies which started working on the Digital Transformation projects earlier than some of the biggest IT companies in India.

Mindtree was acquired by L&T group however works as a separate entity as compared to an expectation of merging it with Larson and Toubro Infotech (Another IT subsidiary of L&T group)

The company provides outstanding services for e-commerce, mobile applications, cloud computing, digital transformation, data analytics, and enterprise application integration.

  • Market Cap: INR 15,123.53 Cr
  • Revenue: INR 2,050.50 Cr
  • CEO: Debashis Chatterjee
  • Number of employees: 21,991
  • Headquarters: Bangalore, Karnataka, India

Hexaware Tech:

Hexaware Technologies Limited was founded as Information Technology, BPO service company in 1990.

Hexaware provides various services, including Application Transformation and Management Services, Business Intelligence and Analytics, Digital Assurance, Enterprise Solutions, Business Process Services, and Infrastructure Management Services.

  • Market Cap: INR 9,304.14 Cr
  • Revenue: INR 600.76 Cr
  • CEO: R Srikrishna
  • Number of employees: 18,294
  • Headquarters: Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra, India


NIIT was started in 1981 by Rajendra S. Pawar and Vijay K. Thadani, graduates from IIT Delhi.

Unlike other IT companies we listed above, NIIT was focused on learning management and training delivery solutions to corporations, institutions, and individuals.

NIIT formulated a franchising model in IT education for the first time, setting up nine centers by 1987.

  • Market Cap: INR 9,067.34 Cr
  • Revenue: INR 558.10 Cr
  • CEO: Sapnesh Lalla
  • Number of employees: ~10,000
  • Headquarters: Gurugram, India

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