Benefits of a Chai Tapri outside of Indian IT Companies!

Chai tapri
Chai tapri

Benefits of a Chai Tapri outside of Indian IT Companies!

In India, you will notice a small tea stall with various Indian snacks aka as ‘Chai Tapri’ outside of the majority of the Indian IT companies.

Indian IT Blog listed down six reasons – how a ‘Chai Tapri’ adds value to IT Professionals’ life and what are the benefits of a Chai Tapri.

1. Networking

Networking over tea breaks is no less than any other form of professional networking. Chai Tapri does an excellent job connecting Information Technology professionals from same project/different project or even different companies(if multiple companies share the same Chai Tapri lol)

IT professionals often feel more relaxed and open during tea breaks and talk about various topics, including the latest happenings in the project/group/company + any career opportunities.

2. Bitching and Frustration

Chai Tapri is the place where IT professionals bitch about their Polito manager [Read: Types of IT Managers in the Indian IT Industry].

Chai Tapri works like counseling, where IT professional removes their frustration about their work life and feel better(obviously temporally).

3. Break from stressful or long hours job

Majority of the IT professionals and Software Engineer has stressful long sitting hours job, and Chai Tapri gives them a break and refreshes/recharge them to handle work.

4. Attending interviews

Sometimes it is challenging to attend the telephonic interview from your current workplace if you are applying for jobs outside and planning to switch to another employer. Many IT professionals participate in telephonic interviews from Chai Tapri.

5. A place for Tea/Smoke addict

Without a doubt, Chai Tapri is the best place to hang out for those who smoke during work hours. The biggest target audience for Chai Tapri is Tea addicted who smoke.

6. Delicious food

Here comes the last but one of the best benefits of a Chai Tapri. Roadside delicious food is available in such small shops. Based on the location, you can expect the world’s best Dosa, Idli, Samosa Chat, Bhel, Pani Puri, Vada Pav, etc.

Dear reader, would you tell us two things though comments-

1. What is your primary reason to visit Chai Tapri
2. What food you liked most on Chai Tapri

Jai Ho India!