ATTN : Hiring News : Volvo cars India sets up new Tech hub in Bangalore ; Will be hiring:

Sweden-based Automobile companies, Indian Unit Volvo Cars India, has announced the setting up of a Digital Technology Hub in Bengaluru. Jonas Olsson, who has been working with Volvo Group for two decades, is appointed as the head of the new venture, effective from the 1st of June 2021.

Jyoti Malhotra, who works as the Managing Director, Volvo Car India, said that Jonas being an individual residing in India for over 15 years, possesses a good understanding of the country. This rich knowledge he has will help in strengthening Volvo Car India’s primary strategy to go digital in all their customer offerings in the future. As part of strengthening its digital footprint in India, Volvo has opened a spare parts warehouse in Mumbai, set up a CKD operation in Bangalore in 2018, and widened its sales and service outreach in India.

Volvo was one of the recent automobile companies to enter the Indian market among the passenger vehicle manufacturers. Despite being a newcomer, Volvo India has shown substantial growth and has earned a name for itself in this highly competitive market. Volvo also now has sales outlets in almost all major Indian cities. In the words of Jonas Olsson, head of digital technology hub, Volvo Car India, the company’s India operations would be a full-fledged delivery organisation which will include collaboration with partners that would prove to be significant when it comes to digital deliveries and will help in supporting the business objectives and overall vision for Volvo Cars.

Volvo statement announcing the Digital technology hub in Bangalore also added that Volvo Cars India has an expansive plan to leverage its digital footprint in India and seeks to make good use of the talent available in the country by focusing on being an attractive as well as an inclusive employer offering the needed value proposition to contribute to the organisation’s vision of creating the cars of tomorrow.

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