ATTN Hiring News : PwC announces mass hiring

PwC has pledged a US$12 billion investment over the next five years to create over 100,000 net new jobs and hiring people.

The money will develop new capabilities, such as environmental, social, and governmental (ESG) capabilities and artificial intelligence (AI), as well as employee training.
For FY22, the business will invest $125 million in Canada, assisting the country in developing its human-led, tech-powered approach.

“This year’s $125 million investment in strengthening our technological capabilities, as well as our people’s skills, knowledge, and capabilities, will provide even more value to our clients, communities, and colleagues,” says Nicolas Marcoux, PwC Canada’s CEO and senior partner.
PwC will continue to hire approximately 30,000 people into early career positions each year, providing them with training and qualifications that will help them build a successful career.
Amazon, Microsoft, Lowe’s Canada, and HCL Technologies have announced intentions to hire thousands of people in the last few months.

The corporation will also establish a global ESG Academy to assist partners and employees in incorporating ESG principles into their work. A six-week programme focused on business difficulties deriving from significant worldwide trends has already been completed by 1,000 partners from 60 territories within the company’s network.

PwC will also establish Leadership Institutes to assist clients and stakeholders, the first of which will be located in the United States.

Google previously announced a $2 million donation to NPower Canada for a three-year grant to deliver Google Career Certificate programmes and provide 5,000 need-based scholarships to access the programme.

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