Artificial Intelligence to help Chennai Police for cracking cybercriminals.

Chennai Police is planning to set up an Artificial Intelligence-powered cybercrime lab at the commissionerate at Vepery. With the help of AI, Police will track, map, and crack a complicated phishing or hacking case quickly.

In addition, breaking into the dark web and virtual private networks and live-tracking mobile phones will be an easy task for them with the next-gen gadgets loaded with modern networked software, which will be onboarded with the cybercrime unit shortly.

Nearly 90 percent of the cases reported in the city are linked to cybercrime, so the new cyber laboratory is designed to support the police in solving cases before the accused can erase or mask their online pieces of evidence or get away.

Until now, tracking a mobile number or trailing movement of criminals using phone location used to take a long time. The cyber lab will help the police to shorten this gap. With the help of a mobile number or IP address, the software will find out and present the digital footprint of a culprit in the form of data or a graph.

The software will project the results on giant digital screens, which will help police officers to track live and coordinate with the team on the ground to move in and make the arrest on the lines.

The cyber lab is being constructed for 5.6 crores and will be operational by the end of this month. Minimum 4 professional software engineers will work initially to assist cybercrime unit officers.

Apart from tracking suspects, the software would also help police restore deleted messages, photos, and videos without physically accessing the gadgets.

The laboratory is coming up on the ground floor of the annex building at the commissioner’s office in Vepery. It will be inaugurated by the end of the month by the chief minister of Tamil Nadu, M K Stalin.


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