Apple acquired 100 companies over six years

  • CEO Tim Cook recently declared that Apple has acquired more than 100 companies in the last six years.
  • Tim Cook rejected Elon Musk’s offer to buy Tesla years back.

As the giants of Silicon Valley push for pole position in the escalating technology arms race, alliances and takeovers are often the names of the game.

But the measure of Big Tech acquisitiveness has been laid open after Apple boss Tim Cook announced that his company has bought up roughly 100 companies over the last six years.

That relates to roughly one purchase every three to four weeks, Cook told in a stockholders meeting.

At $2.1 trillion, Apple has the most extensive market capitalisation of any US company and has had a great year of trading as demand for its products and services rose during the pandemic.

Last month the iPhone producer reached a record quarterly revenue of $111.4bn, placing it in an elite group of companies to earn more than $100bn in a single three-month time.

Cook announced Apple acquisition strategy to strengthen its offering in terms of technology and talent.

In recent years, Apple’s most notable acquisition was its $3bn takeovers of Beats, streaming service and the headphone manufacturer founded by rapper and producer Dr Dre in 2014.

Apple acquired music identifying app Shazam for $400m and a $600m licensing contract with British chipmaker Dialog Semiconductor.

It has also inked a series of agreements to take over smaller firms specialising in a range of tech innovations, building into its products.

Which includes autonomous vehicle startup, payments software firm Mobeewa and virtual reality platform NextVR.

Though having a long list of acquisitions though, Apple appears to be selective about its deals.

Elon Musk recently told that he had approached Tim Cook about a takeover of Tesla, but the tech chief refused to take the meeting.

Apple has also confirmed less willing to splash out on big-ticket acquisitions than some of its tech rivals. 

Salesforce recently accepted to buy the business messaging platform Slack for $27.7bn, while Microsoft spent $26bn for Linkedin and Facebook gave $19bn for Whatsapp.


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