Another Wipro Salary hikes in six months for nearly 1.97 lakh employees with plans to hire more employees.

Indian IT major Wipro announced that they are retaining the employees and taking several measures such as skill-based bonuses, salary hikes, and promotions.

Earlier this year, Wipro has rolled out salary hikes for 80 percent of the employees, and now it is planning to announce another increment in June 2021. Despite the loss in FY 2020, it has declared a single-digit salary hike in October for 80 percent of the workforce.

The company’s Chief HR Officer, Saurabh Govil, said that the employees got the salary hike as part of their promotional cycle. In June 2021, the company is all set to plan on skill-based bonuses for senior employees.

The company’s attrition rate has also increased to 12.1 percent in the fourth quarter from 11 percent of the third quarter in FY 2021. The company expects a higher uptick in attrition on the back of a strong demand environment and the need for talents in niche areas.

The IT firm is also planning to hire more employees based on the skills with the explosion of job opportunities. The companies are now looking for employees with new-age skills such as Cloud services, the IoT, and others due to the growing demand for potential candidates.

Wipro has hired freshers and experienced professionals in the last two quarters of 2021, and it is planning to recruit in the new financial year across the US, India, and Europe.

The salary hike will affect the margin of Wipro with flat sequential growth for the quarter of March.

Wipro has reported a 27.78 percent Y-o-Y basis increase in net profit for the last quarter ended on March 31. The company’s total employees stood at 1.97 lakh at the end of March 2021, with a net addition of 15,000 employees in FY21.

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