Amazon to launch data centres and create 1000 jobs in New Zealand Inc’s cloud computing unit announced on 22nd September that it will launch data centres in New Zealand in the year 2024 and will be creating about 1,000 jobs in the country over 15 years. After releasing an economic impact study, Amazon Web Services, also known as AWS, announced its plans to invest NZ$7.5 billion, nearly 5.25 billion USD, in its new infrastructure hub.

The NZ infrastructure hub will be named as AWS Asia Pacific (Auckland) Region. The infrastructure hub will also be owned and operated by a local Amazon Web Services entity in New Zealand. Amazon said that the NZ hub would enable developers, startups, the government, and numerous other organizations to use data centres located within the country.

Prasad Kalyanaraman, who holds the office of the vice-president of Infrastructure Services, Amazon Web Services, said that they are excited to build new world-class infrastructure locally as well as train New Zealanders with in-demand digital skills. He added that AWS would continue to help local organizations deliver applications that accelerate digital transformation as well as fuel economic growth.

The new hub also expands on the company’s investment plans in New Zealand since setting up the first local AWS entity in Auckland in the year 2014. The company’s plans to create more job opportunities in New Zealand will benefit the economy of the country immensely. The new data centres announced by Amazon will increase data centre accessibility and allow people to be more accustomed to the idea of cloud storage units.

Amazon Web Services, Inc is a subsidiary of Amazon focused on providing API’S and on-demand cloud computing platforms to companies, individuals as well as governments on a metered pay-as-you-go basis. AWS deals with providing a variety of basic abstract technical infrastructure as well as distributed computing building blocks and tools.

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