Amazon puts efforts to combat Covid-19; vaccinates front line workers in India.

  • Amazon announced to cover Covid-19 vaccine cost for its employees in April this year.
  • It is hosting on-site vaccination events run by Heath care providers at few campuses.

World’s largest e-commerce company, Amazon, has announced to cover the cost of Covid-19 vaccines for its employees in India. As the Union government has directed to vaccinate all above age of 18, the company hosts on-site vaccination events administered by authorized health care providers at an initial set of its premises in Delhi.

Amazon, in a blog post, said that every employee is a priority. “We have started the vaccine event with those on the frontline, delivering to our customers, and will continue to extend when Covid vaccines are more available.”

The company said that this is a crucial initiative for the health and safety of its employees and the communities where its teams live and work. These vaccination camps will protect Amazon employees while also helping ease the burden on community-run vaccination clinics.

“At Amazon India, we are encouraging our all employees to get vaccinated at the earliest,” said Amit Agarwal, Sr VP and Country President of Amazon India. He said, “We endeavor to make vaccination a ready choice for our employees. We are working on several channels like reimbursement of vaccination costs, facilitating easy access to hospitals and on-site vaccination events.”

The e-commerce giant has made several changes in its on-ground operations to fight Covid-19, like maintaining social distancing at the campus to keep its associates safe. Amazon has always considered the health and safety of its employees, partners, and customers a top priority. As a result, it adjusted practices within all its operations sites, including fulfillment and sorting centers and delivery stations, through new formats of communications, process changes, new training methods, and several policy changes.

Amazon announced to cover the Covid-19 vaccine cost for its employees in India, including employees, associates, and sellers. It also includes an operations partner network of Delivery Service Partner associates, such as Amazon Flex drivers, I Have Space (IHS) store partners, trucking partners, and their eligible dependents.

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