Amazon plans to hire 1 lakh US veterans and military spouses by 2024

  • Amazon plans to hire over 1 lakh US veterans and military spouses by 2024. 
  • The e-commerce giant already employs more than 40000 veterans and military spouses across the company. 
  • The company runs schemes to help veterans transition into private-sector roles. 
  • It currently has over 35000 positions open across the US. 

Amazon announced on Tuesday that it plans to hire more than 1 lakh US veterans and military spouses by 2024. Additionally, the company said it currently employs more than 40000 veterans and military spouses in the US. As of March, it had a global headcount of 1.3 million employees. 

John Quintas, director of global military affairs, Amazon, said in a press release that the company conducts training programs designed to help veterans transition for roles in the private sector, such as Amazon Web Services military apprenticeships.

“We value the unique skills and experience that the military community brings. Our new hiring commitment will expand the impact that military members currently have on every single business across the company, “he further said. 

Eventually, Amazon offered military veterans and spouses its training programs for free and would allow them to learn new technical skills and move into higher-paying jobs. 

Amazon has boosted its hiring during the pandemic to cope with increased delivery demand. Its workforce rose by 51 percent between March 2020 and March 2021. 

Currently, the company has over 35000 open positions across the US. However, the country is now in the grips of a vast labor shortage affecting industries from education, healthcare, hospitality, and ride-hailing apps. 

Amazon hired more than 3.5 lakh workers from July to October. But, many of these employees stayed with the company for a short period, causing some executives to worry about running out of hirable employees in the US, according to The New York Times report. 

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