Airtel enters the tech industry with the launch of ‘Airtel Ads platform’.

Bharti Airtel launched its ‘Airtel Ads’ platform on Wednesday and entered a 10 billion USD digital advertising business with Facebook and Google’s likes.

India’s telecom major entered into the digital advertising business through its ad platform to transform into a technology service provider to businesses through its 320 million customers.

The company also noted that its customers would receive only the most relevant brand offerings and not spam.

The company issued a statement, “Airtel Ads allow brands of all sizes to curate consent-based and safe privacy campaigns to one the biggest pool of quality customers.”

Adarsh Nair, Chief Product Officer of the company, said that the company had clocked nearly Rs 100 crore in annual revenue in the ad tech segment during the beta launch. It had run successful campaigns for more than a hundred brands in India and delivered 8 billion impressions per month.

This ad platform underlines the company’s efforts to get a foothold in the Indian advertising sector and enable brands to create deep engagement and high-impact campaigns.

This ad platform will also leverage the company’s data science capabilities.

As per Nair, Airtel has got advertisement projects from PepsiCo, Zomato, CRED, Tata AIG, Lenskart, Appolo 247, Cars24, Gameskraft, Vahan, and Harley Davidson. 

The company’s focus is on building business to deliver high conversion rates rather than merely “vanity metrics”, such as customer impressions to its clients.

In India, the Digital advertising business currently accounts for about $2 billion out of the total $10 billion advertising business and is set to grow to $8 billion by 2025. “The total advertising business is expected to grow to $19 billion by 2025,” said Nair.

The foray into digital advertising comes with Airtel making a concerted effort to drive its non-telecom businesses housed under Airtel Digital and make it a parallel company to the telco – instead of its subsidiary – and open up monetizing opportunities.

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