After Highest H1B Visa Denials, Infosys Announced hiring for 12000 Americans.

Just a day after the report published that Infosys Technologies received the highest number of US H1B visa denials during Q2 of FY20, Infosys announced hiring for 12000 American workers.

On Tuesday, India’s 2nd largest IT Company, Infosys, shared the plans to hire 12,000 American workers over the next 2 years that brings a new goal to hire 25,000 total American workers over five years.

Infosys will hire experienced technology professionals and Fresh College graduates from US universities/community colleges.

Reasons that Infosys is focussing on local US hiring:

  1. Infosys is getting a higher number of H1B Visa Denials. As per the recent report, Infosys received 59 percent H1B denials during Q2 FY20. The company has a new significant pipeline of Digital and Cloud related projects resulting from coronavirus, and to make these project deliveries smooth, it is a good move from Infosys.
  2. The H1B visa is often in the News. Recently, the Donald Trump-led US administration has placed several restrictions around work visas for H1B visa-holders and L1 Visa holders that make business challenging for IT service provider companies, including Infosys.
  3. Infosys brings 61.5 percent of its revenue from the US, making it the most critical region for Infosys from a profit perspective. Hiring local American workers is a strategic move for a long term vision. 

According to Infosys CEO Salil Parekh, “Infosys has been already hiring local candidates and reducing the dependency on us Work Visas in last 2-3 years, and I am proud that this new commitment to hire 12,000 American workers by 2022 is aligned on the same commitment “

H-1B visa is popular among Indian IT professionals and Indian IT Companies. Infosys also said the company had launched six ‘Technology and Innovation Centres’ in the US across Indiana, North Carolina, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Texas, and Arizona to train the next generation IT talent, especially in the digital future.

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