Adani group to enter into digital business

Adani group is all set and ready for a foray into the digital world as the chairman held his first internal meeting with the employees of Adani Digital Labs, that is, the youngest arm of the billionaire Mr Gautam Adani-controlled conglomerate.

“We have to be the Ferrari of the digital world,” the chairman addressed, talking to an audience of about eighty young employees.

We must design the application for every human being in India across the vast ecosystem.”
The group will soon launch a super app, aiming to club all consumers of the group firms paving the way for digital transactions on a unified platform.

This means, while a client of Adani Port can use it to transact, another client from Adani Green also will be able to engage on the same platform.
“We will build the most influential and profitable super application in the world,” Mr Adani said in a town hall.

The group appointed Mr Nitin Sethi as Chief Digital Officer (CDO) for consumer business on April first.

“It did not even take me half an hour to decide that we must be a player in this sector,” the chairman said. The group has over 400 million consumers who engage with multiple levels of Adani products and services.

Adani Digital Lab is promoted as a path of Adani Enterprises, one of the world’s largest parent incubators. Across the group of companies, consumers are growing at 15 per cent. It focuses on onboarding every Adani consumer on the proposed digital platform.

The chairman believes that the application should be handy to every class of consumers, including students, grandmothers, farmers, shopkeepers, and food-stall owners.
Mr Sagar Adani, the chairman’s nephew and Mr Jeet Adani, his son, have spearheaded the digital invasion.

“I have personally asked Mr Sagar and Mr Jeet to be engaged with each one of you,” said the chairman, asking every employee to share their ideas with him directly.

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