Accenture West Coast Apprenticeship Program creates Job opportunities for people without college degrees.

Vicente Cruz, a small boy, immigrated to San Francisco from Mexico with his family. He worked from a young age to assist the family, but legal trouble as a teenager and financial issues made it all but impossible to have a college degree.

Today Vicente, aged 26, works in IT and Cloud Infrastructure at Consulting Company, Accenture, a beneficiary of its apprenticeship program.

“I wanted to accomplish this big step in my life, and I had my past mistakes haunting me,” Vicente said about his past life before he joined the Accenture West Coast Apprenticeship program.

More people may get the same opportunity as Accenture expands the program on the West Coast to increase its recruitment drive and help create a more equitable economic recovery for more people.

Accenture seeks to create about one thousand 12-month positions working with Aon, many of which turn into full-time jobs, by 2025 for people without a college degree. Apprentices work with mentors in various roles at the organization, from the more technology-focused side of the business to human resources and other fields.

Increasing Automation and Pandemic both made it difficult for people without college degrees to find high-paying jobs, a problem the apprenticeship program tries to help resolve, said John Gingrich, Northern California office managing director Accenture.

This program can mitigate the uneven effect the pandemic has had on jobs and unemployment in the country. Some sectors are still staggering from the economic impact of the covid, and others, like tech and IT, are largely returning to pre-pandemic boom times. Private companies like Accenture also have a role to play in building an equitable recovery.

This Apprenticeship program has also offered an opportunity for Lalani Rentie, a 30-year-old who dreamed of becoming a professional basketball player, but her medical condition forced her to quit school and game. Accenture permitted her to learn on the job instead and get hired full-time through this program.

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