Accenture UK employee fraud the company for more than INR 28 Lakhs

An Accenture Employee, 42-year-old Paul Fitch of West Allotment, committed fraud to the company and caught submitting false receipts to claim the expenses over 28000 pounds approximately INR 28 Lakhs.

Paul Fitch joined Accenture in 2016, and he was working as a Project manager in the Company’s Newcastle-Upon-Tyne wing during the fraud period. Paul claimed expenses from his bosses upon submitting false receipts over nine months, but he finally exposed after an investigation was conducted at a technology firm and got caught.

Now, this 42-year-old conman of Cloverfield, in West Allotment is behind the bars after he pleaded guilty to two counts of fraud after being presented at North Tyneside Magistrates Court, located at North Shields of UK.

According to the local news outlet of City, prosecutor, Ben Woodward, at a hearing regarding his case in North Tyneside Magistrates Court, he made these frauds between December 2017 and September 2018. Prosecutor, Ben Woodward in the court said that “I will be relatively brief because this case should be committed to Crown Court.

In the UK, if the Magistrate believes that their sentencing powers are not sufficient or the issue is too severe to remain in the Magistrate’s court, they send the case to Crown Court for trials. Crown Court is a higher court In the UK’s Juridical system.

In the session at North Tyneside Magistrates Court, Chairing Magistrate, Keith Mclntosh, said,” you have pleaded guilty to two charges, and will consider that. He then added that the case would transfer to Crown Court as the crime and its punishment is beyond the court’s powers and rulings.

The accused, Paul, will appear before the Newcastle Crown Court on the 2nd of March 2021. Until then, Paul is on the Unconditional bail. This is a typical case of an Accenture employee fraud.


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