Accenture to Layoff 900 Employees in the UK

The world’s most admired Information Technology Services company Accenture will Layoff approximately 900 employees from its UK location due to the Business slowdown.

Here is the information so far about Accenture Layoff 2020:

Is this news true?

This news is true; many Accenture employees confirmed that an internal message was sent to all UK staff this afternoon. Many anonymous forums related to consulting companies also mentioned about it.

Accenture officially announced last week about job cuts in the US and curbed new hiring globally.

As per one of the sources, Accenture has already fired many employees during mid-June in the USA.

Accenture Layoff 2020
Accenture Layoff 2020


How many employees are affected by this Accenture Layoff?

Accenture UK has a total of ~11,000 employees. 6-8% of total headcount, which comes to 660-880 employees, is the estimate for this Accenture UK Layoff.

What levels are affected by this Accenture Layoff?

Accenture Layoff will be at all levels, including Managing Directors, and across all parts of the business. 

We have not received any trustworthy information; however, it appears that employees will be mainly from units that have lost business or having lower demand for the services from its clients due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Is Layoff happening only in the UK?

As of now, it is only for the UK; however, some people claim that Accenture already fired many employees in the USA in Mid-June 2020.

Is Layoff already completed for these ~900 employees?

Not yet. 

Employees will be identified based on the set criteria by Early to Mid-July 2020 and expect to leave by September 2020.

What Accenture says

According to Guardian, Accenture said, “We went into the crisis with an overcapacity of people relative to demand. The crisis has caused additional strain on the business due to lower demand and reduced national attrition. Also, we have identified the structural costs that we need to address.”

Large consulting firms and advisory firms such as Deloitte, EY, PWC, Accenture, and Capgemini are trying to remove contractors and pause hiring; however, it is not enough for some firms. 

Covid-19 is forcing clients to halt projects and descope new projects that are badly hurting Consulting and advisory firms such as Accenture, Deloitte, EY, PWC primarily.

THE Global IT Industry is going through a tough time. Be Strong!!!

Our goal is not to scare or make anyone fright; however, we want to keep our readers informed and more alert.

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