Accenture to hire moms for highly desired roles – Helping moms get back to the workforce

Accenture, the most prominent consulting company, is making a significant commitment to the moms.
Accenture stated in their news portal, The Midwest Division of the company plans to hire 150 mothers soon for its positions. This recruitment will be for Technology, strategy, and consulting out of its offices in Chicago, US. Accenture will provide training, support, and other facilities to these new appointees.

Accenture will be hiring through The Mom Project (a digital community that connects highly professional mothers with world-class companies). The Mom Project will do the primary screening and then put forward applicants to the company. This hiring will be for women who are looking forward to employment or a switch.

The firm’s roles to these mothers will be highly desirable jobs in Technology and consulting. “These roles will enable them to support the family, as said by Lee Moore, Sr. Managing Director of the Midwest division of the group.

Accenture has taken this hiring, keeping in mind the effects this pandemic has made. According to the Bureau of Labour Statistics, Women have lost 5.3 million jobs in the last year compared to 4.6 million jobs lost by men. 2.5 million women have left the workforce altogether.

US President Joe Biden stated, number of women leaving the workforce as a ‘National Emergency.’ As a part of the 1.9 trillion US dollar relief plan, 15 US dollars will be granted to working families to pay for childcare. He also has plans to increase the federal minimum wage to 15 US dollars per hour.

While declaring the ‘American Rescue Plan,’ he stated, “it will enable parents, particularly women, to get back to work.
This project sees this policy as the key component to retaining and getting women back to the workplace.

Corporate companies in the US like Google, Microsoft, and Facebook have already paid leave to their employees during the lockdown. Most of the companies have already allowed their employees to work remotely for an infinite time.
Accenture also has plans to hire more women in other divisions of the company.

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