Accenture signed a deal with Shiseido to Help Accelerate Its Digital Transformation initiatives

Leading IT organization Accenture has now signed a strategic partnership with the Shiseido Group, the Japan-based beauty company, to accelerate its digital transformation to quickly respond to the changing needs of the customer and market demands.

Accenture will help digitize the Shiseido business model by offering a different wide range of services designed to drive Shiseido’s enterprise-wide transformation, which operates in more than 120 countries.

These even include helping design, implement, and develop cloud-based global information and communications technology (ICT) system, making the data more accessible and visible across the entire organization, thus supporting the innovation across the company and enhancing its workforce’s digital capabilities.

The ICT system will go to Shiseido to adapt their continuous financial reporting processes, inventory management, and better forecasting accuracy. These are important for realizing digital transformation and gives a company an ability to adjust to fluctuations across its global supply chain management.

Accenture will also deliver the state of the art capabilities with its expertise in analytics, AI, and automation to create new business value for Shiseido.
By repurposing Shiseido business to fuse both the offline and online experiences, Accenture will Shiseido create a personalized and seamless customer experience such as the product recommendations based on the previous purchases.

Accenture will focus mainly on the Japanese market first, with the primary goal of delivering a higher value for all Shiseido stakeholders, including the partners, employees, communities, and partners. Both the companies are also planning to establish a joint venture to execute and implement the digital transformation more effectively and swiftly.