Accenture plans to Acquire Blue Horseshoe

Ireland based consulting firm Accenture recently announced that it’s agreed to acquire Blue Horseshoe, a supply chain management or SCM and consulting firm offering integration services for fulfillment as well as distribution software solutions. Blue Horseshoe’s 349 employees and staff will be joining Accenture’s Supply Chain & Operations group and help clients and customers develop interconnected, innovative, and intelligent supply chains across various industries. The specific terms of the acquisition are yet to be disclosed.

Accenture is a leading global provider of professional services for organizations across 40 industries, including insurance, high-tech, banking, health, communications, life sciences, retail, travel, etc. Accenture’s capabilities are focused mainly on the cloud, digital, and security verticals and include services for strategy, technology operations, consultations, analytics, Artificial Intelligence-powered data, automation, etc. These are powered by the company’s global advanced technology intelligent operations centers.

With Accenture acquiring Blue Horseshoe, the company is expanding its supply chain transformation capabilities with a team that has helped clients and customers fulfill their needs across industries. These include consumer packaged goods, food, and beverage, retail distribution, logistics, as well as transportation companies. As part of Accenture’s Supply Chain & Operations team, Blue Horseshoe will help companies and organizations optimize supply chain operations with cloud-based supply chain management, ERP,  warehouse management solutions, and transportation management.

Renato Scaff, who is the North American lead of Accenture’s Supply Chain & Operations, noted that in order to be competitive, companies need to transform their supply chains to deliver the innovative along with hyper-personalized products, services, solutions, and experiences that are in high demand—and fulfillment is crucial to that transformation. He added that Blue Horseshoe’s deep fulfillment consulting expertise and innovative methodologies support Accenture’s vision and goal of building a customer-centric, resilient and responsible supply chain that benefits people, society, as well as the planet.

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