Accenture gets paid $2.5 Million per month for digital ID work

The federal government pays consulting company Accenture nearly $2.5 million per month for work on their digital identity service. At the beginning of 2021, ATO or the Australian Taxation Office rewarded Accenture a $12 million contract for a digital identity piece of work. 

Accenture’s digital identity contract with the ATO is worth $14,904,488.39 million and is running from 1st January to 30th June 2021.

In simpler terms, this would mean that Accenture is being paid $550,000 per week, or more than $100,000 per working day, for the digital identity job. For working on ATO digital identity project, Accenture gets paid more than $100,000 per working day.

Their contract involves assisting ATO with delivering their digital identity work program, which includes developing new functionality and prioritised enhancements for its digital identity service, myGovID, which exists within the federal government’s broader digital identity program.

Even before the contract was made public, the value was amended to increase by $2 million to expand the scope to include additional analytics models. Later, it was posted on AusTender by the end of March.

This payment comes right after ATO awarded UK company iProov an $11 million contract to provide a “liveliness solution” for myGovID earlier this year. This contract is expected to continue for the next three years.

The ATO is the leading agency for developing the government’s digital identity service, myGovID, which aims to create a whole-of-government federated digital identity ecosystem, with involvement from state union territories and the private sector. 

ATO has been developing myGovID for several years, and it was launched in beta form from 2020.

myGovID is part of the government’s more comprehensive digital identity program, and it can also now be used with the Unique Student Identifier Portal, the Relationship Authorisation Manager, along with a range of other business services.