Accenture collaborates with MediaMarktSaturn to reshape Content Creation

Consulting giant Accenture to partner with MediaMarktSaturn Retail Group, major consumer electronics retailer, to help transform its content production into a marketing operation aimed at creating ultimate relevance to the customer and driving efficiency

Giuseppe Cunetta, who works as the chief marketing, and digital officer of MediaMarktSaturn Retail Group, stated that in addition to being data-driven and fully digital, any effective marketing strategy requires quality, ubiquity, and speed. Cunetta added that together with Accenture, they aim to drive their digital customer engagement to the next level, achieved through the implementation of a newly personalized, evolved and scalable content catalog.

Massimo Morielli, who holds office of the president of Europe for Accenture Interactive, says, “The ability to create content with consistency, quality, and scale across various markets is paramount for retailers online.” Morielli added that dynamic content is a clear point of differentiation for customers and helps keep retailers as a relevant destination in customers minds.

In order to position MediaMarktSaturn’s content production as a significant source of competitive differentiation, Accenture will be applying its SynOps platform to automate, simplify, and scale while tapping into AI-powered insights and markets to help deliver more engaging and relevant content.

Manish Sharma, who works as group chief executive of Accenture Operations, stated that their work together would help MediaMarktSaturn get closer to the needs of its clients while enhancing its ability to deliver operational growth and scale faster. Manish pointed out that in an era where customers and clients expect businesses to anticipate their needs, a future-ready marketing function rises way above dynamic market conditions by finding new sources of value, and by transforming the way people work and the business performs.”

The collaboration announcement builds on the momentum of Accenture opening a new studio in Munich, Germany, bringing together the speed, scale, and business expertise of Accenture Operations and Accenture Interactive as part of its comprehensive offering for content distribution and production.