Accenture and Shiseido partner together to establish a venture to accelerate Shiseido’s digital transformation.

Accenture, a leading global IT firm, and Shiseido, a Japanese cosmetic and personal care company, partner together to build a joint venture to accelerate Shiseido’s digital transformation. The venture is called Shiseido Interactive Beauty.

This venture will include nearly 250 digital, information technology, and other skilled resources from Shiseido and Accenture. Accenture will also give the training to help the venture’s employees enhance their digital skills.

The Shiseido Interactive Beauty venture will provide Shiseido with digital and innovation capabilities more quickly than Shiseido could develop on its own; it will also assist Shiseido to migrate its IT infrastructure to the cloud, enable Shiseido to increase the efficiency of its IT capabilities with reduced maintenance charges.

This digital transformation is part of Shiseido’s new “WIN 2023 and Beyond” corporate strategy, which strives to promote structural reforms and strengthen its financial base while continuing to invest in critical areas that are the foundation for long-term growth, including branding, innovation, supply chain, and the workforce.

The joint venture between Accenture and Shiseido will use modern technology and data to create new beauty experiences through enhanced digital marketing.

Consumer browsing and purchase history will leverage the efforts, whether on digital platforms or stores, other activities like skin, make-up diagnoses, Augmented Reality and other technologies to propose new products and services, and personalized consultations.

Masahiko Uotani, president and CEO of Shiseido, said, “I believe that working with Accenture will create great opportunities for Shiseido to leap forward. With our partner Accenture, we can build new beauty experiences that clients never experienced before and transform the beauty industry.”

Julie Sweet, CEO of, Accenture said, “We are excited to help Shiseido accelerate its bold mission to deliver ‘Beauty Innovations for a Better World’ and meet the holistic needs of consumers.”

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