Accenture and Pega to Help Transform Australian Defence Force Postings.

Accenture and Pega (Pegasystems), the software firm that kills business complexity, today announced the launch of PostingConnect. This new digital platform enables the Australian Defence Force (ADF) to improve its relocation process for members, including a mobile app.

Almost 20,000 Australian military members and their families are needed to relocate and settle into new homes, schools, and jobs each year, whether here or overseas, while also preparing for the rigours of their latest post. The complex paperwork, administrative processes, and logistics can add stress for service members and their families. Furthermore, before this, family members had little access to the relocation process, making it challenging to grasp requirements, track progress, and plan the following actions.

Accenture collaborated closely with the Department of Defense and ADF soldiers and their families to design, create, test, and deploy a human-centred system powered by Pega software to address this critical pain point. The posting process is now streamlined, simplified, and, in many cases, automated, thanks to PostingConnect.

Service personnel and their families can securely access and use the PostingConnect platform to control and manage all elements of their relocation by understanding what is expected of them, the roles of all parties involved, and receive timely reminders of when tasks are due. They can also communicate directly with external logistics and housing service providers utilising the portal.

By removing needless, disruptive, and repeated efforts, the novel solution helps ADF members save time. PostingConnect is a simple mobile app that keeps ADF members informed, connected, and in control by bringing together all they need to know and informing them of critical activities that need to be accomplished.

Statements: Accenture and Pega

Mr Greg Tickle, the Department of Defense’s director of digital service delivery, stated, “For the Australian Department of Defence, the implementation and success of PostingConnect is crucial. It’s one of several projects aimed at providing the best possible support and assistance to those who serve or have served our country, as well as their families. This project’s capabilities directly improve the lives of people and their families, which is ultimately what matters most. According to ADF members’ pleasure and comments, the PostingConnect platform has been a big success and has revolutionised the department for the better.”

Accenture’s global defence industry lead, Matt Gollings, stated, “We are proud to be working with the Department of Defense and Pega to implement this new capability, which will bring much-needed efficiencies to the lives of service members and their families, as well as help improve the posting experience for Defense personnel. Digital transformation projects like PostingConnect, which focus on the human experience and streamline tedious administrative chores, can lessen the stress of relocation and return resources to Defense through more efficient processes.”

Pegasystems’ vice president of ANZ, Michael Evans, stated, “Pega is proud to be providing the Department of Defense with such an innovative and supportive solution. It’s an honour to be able to make a difference in the lives of our service members who are willing to relocate for the greater good of the country.”

About Pegasystems

Pega develops cutting-edge software that reduces business complexity, allowing our clients to make better decisions and complete tasks faster. We work with the world’s most well-known businesses to address their most pressing business issues, such as increasing client lifetime value, optimising customer service, and improving operational efficiency. Real-time AI and intelligent automation underpin Pega technology, while our scalable architecture and low-code platform let businesses adapt to quick change and transform for the future.


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