Accenture and New York City Fire Department develop New Dispatch System

Accenture and New York City Fire Department have developed a new computer-aided dispatch (CAD) system called FireCAD to replace the now-retired STARFIRE system. The new system’s launch marks the most important operational upgrade to the Fire Department of the City of New York (FDNY) dispatch operations in 45 years.

The by-product of Accenture and FDNY collaboration, FireCAD supports the dispatch and response of New York City firefighters to fires and similar public safety-related incidents throughout the city’s five boroughs.

It is a core platform supporting the work of FDNY’s critical emergency services, which respond to 1.5 million-plus 911 calls annually, caters to the needs of more than 8.5 million residents in a 302-square-mile area.

Selected for the project through a highly competitive procurement process in the year 2017, Accenture developed, designed, and custom-built FireCAD’s platform.

The IT major led an interactive design process and workshops with FDNY dispatchers and the department’s subject matter specialists to create the new system. Accenture provided technology and functional implementation services, project management, and systems integration to the Fire Department.

FireCAD’s flexible architecture will enable and ensure further customization and expansion to meet the FDNY’s future needs. FireCAD replaces the 45-year-old STARFIRE system, which proves to be no longer adequate to meet the expanding needs of the FDNY.FDNY, along with fire protection and rescue, also provides the primary response within New York City to chemical, biological and radioactive hazards and emergency medical services.

New York City Fire Commissioner Daniel Nigro stated that ensuring that their technology can meet the demands of an evolving city is crucial to the safety of their members and the public they bravely serve. Daniel added that the Accenture collaboration and the FireCAD system is a significant step forward for technology for the fire department, and it has taken exceptional dedication and commitment from a team of technologists and fire alarm dispatchers. He noted that he believed the new dispatch system would continue to support FDNY operations for a generation.

Jon Paul Augier, an FDNY deputy commissioner for Public Safety Technology and Dispatch Operations, noted that FDNY is New York’s only all-hazards response agency, and their members require a robust CAD system with high-speed processing, a highly intuitive dispatcher interface, and 24×7 availability. Augier noted that FireCAD is the most reliable system of its kind.

Faye Smyth, who holds the office of the president of the Uniformed Fire Alarm Dispatchers Benevolent Association, stated that this is the first real enhancement to their dispatch technology in decades.

He added that this is the first time actual active Fire Alarm Dispatchers have been on the development team that produced this system. Faye noted that they look forward to working with the new CAD to serve and protect the lives of all New Yorkers.

Deborah Snyder, an Accenture managing director who leads its business for the State of New York, said that they are proud to be working with the New York City Fire Department to help build the world-class dispatch system New York City needs and deserves. Deborah added that the new system is designed to be interoperable with existing FDNY technology investments,  enable a more effective emergency response, and support department efforts to prioritize, plan, and track emergency personnel responding to hazards and incidents.

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