A techie couple leaves an IT company in the US to start a shelter for stray animals in a village in India.

A techie couple has left their lucrative life and an IT firm in the US to set up a stray animal rescue center and clinic, a no-till organic farm, and a women-driven small-scale social enterprise in Dhanotu village Kangra district of Himachal Pradesh.

The techie couple Robin Singh and his wife Shivani founded an NGO called Peepal farm, a multidimensional enterprise that houses stray animals and runs a clinic to treat them. It also helps people from different countries adopt animals from India, rescue homeless animals, and employ locals to make indigenous products.

Robin Singh, CEO of Peepal Farm, said, “We started the NGO in 2014 to look after stray animals and shelter them. Nearly 50 local and migrants work for the NGO, which sells organic products.” Additionally, the organization gives training to local women for organic farming and making food products.

Robin and Shivani are residents of Delhi and were running an IT company in the US. In 2014, they decided to come to India to help stray animals.

Robin said, “I started with Peepal in December 2014. Half of the Peepal Farm team is local, and the rest is all over from India. We are motivating many people to adopt pets, and I am satisfied with this work.”

Shivani, Co-founder of Peepal Farm, said, “We were living a comfortable life in the US but were not happy and satisfied, so we decided to come back to India and work for a purpose.”

She further added that the organization gets money from donations. The organization trains local women to make food products from the organic produce that NGOs grow and sell in the local and online markets.

Raveena from Pune used to visit Himachal Pradesh; a year ago, she started working with Peepal as a volunteer, and now she has relocated there to work for the NGO.