5G in India game plan: Tech Mahindra re-hires wise CFO

  • Tech Mahindra – India’s fifth-largest IT company by market cap, has hired Milind Kulkarni as the new CFO starting April 2.
  • Milind was CFO of the Tech Mahindra between 2013 and 2018 and became a Senior Advisor after retiring as CFO.
  • The company brought him back in Tech Mahindra CFO capacity to lead the 5G in India wave. 

It is rare to see someone as retiring as CFO and then rejoins the company as CFO. However, there may be some exceptional cases, and this time it is none other than Indian IT Firm Tech Mahindra who appointed Milind Kulkarni as CFO again in 2021 who had retired in 2018.

Tech Mahindra is all set on the boom from 5G to drive revenue growth and expand margins. As Government of India expects to start 5G auction from April 2021, companies need to perform pricing analysis; Tech Mahindra Management expects that the gains from 5G will begin flowing in during the second half of 2021.

5G in India is not yet launched however Jio is slated to launch 5G in India later this year in 2021 followed by Airtel and other telecom providers. India is legging in the 5G work as the government has not announced the 5G spectrum sale in India yet. 

5G is the future for Telecom business; besides, COVOID19 pandemic also has pushed 5G in India to improve the Network infrastructure and high-speed Internet.

Hiring a New CEO or CFO when a market has an opportunity like 5G is a significant risk. Tech Mahindra can not take such a big risk because Tech Mahindra is the Telecom Domain leader and ready to play a crucial role in India’s 5G development. Tech Mahindra may not be in 3 Top IT companies in India, but a leading organization with a rich experience and expertise in Telecom Sector. According to comsoc, Tech Mahindra can build and run an entire 4G and 5G or any enterprise network.

Milind Kulkarni is the best choice for Tech Mahindra CFO because he understands the Tech Mahindra capabilities in and out. He is a charted accountant and understands the pricing and Finance planning along with Tech Mahindra Business. Even after his retirement, he was serving as a Senior Advisor for the Tech Mahindra. Kulkarni’s been with Tech Mahindra for 18 and a half years now.

Starting as the Vice President of Finance, Kulkarni rose to become the CFO in 2013. And in 2021, he’s making his comeback.

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