5 types of Managers in Indian IT Industry

Indian IT Blog classified Indian IT Managers into five categories. Indian IT Blog has given some unique names to this group of IT managers. These categories apply to any industry; however as the research was done mainly on Managers in Indian IT Industry, this blog story is exclusively for the IT Industry to learn about 5 types of Managers in the Indian IT Industry.

But before that, let’s look at some feedback on this topic:

“I don’t like my Manager because he is very workaholic and expects the same from everyone in the team.”

“I am very impressed with my Manager; he is a brilliant guy and helping me grow in my career.”

“I hate my manager because I think she plays too much politics in the project.”

“I think my Manager never want me to get any salary hike or promotion ever.”

“My current Manager is my role model in this professional industry, a real leader.”

“There is a lot of discrimination in the Information Technology sector; hence I never got any Onsite opportunity.”

“Sorry, I don’t give any feedback about my Manager.”

If we seek feedback from the entire IT industry about their manager, you will receive these kinds of mixed opinions. These statements are right because there are different types of people in this world so do Managers.

After reading this blog story, you can relate it to your previous Managers, and if you are a Manager, then you should evaluate yourself against these categories.

1. Polito Manager aka “Politician Manager”


  • These types of Managers are experts in playing office politics. They are the pillars of bureaucracy and best in manipulating things


  • Polito Manager has the power to manipulate everyone including client, senior management


  • They love to keep strict hierarchy and never allow any subordinate to have one to one conversation with senior management


  • They pretend to be concerned about their team but in reality, they just give some false updates and excuses


  • Polito Managers try to create a fear environment in the team; they unnecessary trouble employee by doing something legal but not ethical


  • Dealing with Polito manager is very difficult however if you are unable to cope then ask us to help you 🙂


  • Polito Managers are not always wrong; they may be useful in some cases- they can use their skill to convince the client for billing hours and effort required for the development


  • They can use their abilities to get more bonus for the specific group or team


2. Blamo Manager aka “Blaming Game Manager”


  • Blaming other teams, other departments, other associates in the group is a primary job for these kinds of a Manager


  • These Mangers are the worst Managers as per many IT Professionals because their primary intention is to blame and escalate things; often, they impact IT projects deliverable.


  • Blamo Manager doesn’t grow fast as compared to Polito Manager; they never accept their mistake and always try to blame others for errors and issues


  • Working with these kinds of Manager is a little bit difficult but easier then Polito Manager


3. Worko Manager aka “Workaholic Manager”


  • If your Manager smiles and feels excited when new work or project comes to the team, then this is the first sign of Workaholic Manager


  • They work too hard and usually provide flexibility to only those people who are also workaholics


  • They like to discuss new tools and technologies and often motivate their team to finish work and then study something or learn new thing


  • They know every technical detail in the project and love to work on the weekend and extended hours if there is any pending work


  • Working with these kinds of Manager is challenging; however, good for your initial days of career growth and progress


4. Legalo Manager aka “Legal Manager”


  • These managers answer your question referencing specific company policy, and always implement things that are aligned with companies control protocol, codes, ethics, and policy


  • If your Manager doesn’t consider any exception even if you are the best and most critical resource in the team then congratulations, you are working with Legalo Manager


  • These are the perfect Manager in the eye of higher management; Legalo Managers are highly respectable in every Organization and protects organization reputation


  • They always need a response in a written email and keep all the information safe and very organized with them


  • Working with these Managers is also challenging, but you always get what you deserve (subject to any company policy lol)


5. Besto Manager aka “Best Manager”


  • These Managers are the real leaders, and you always learn and grow with Besto Manager


  • They are the best Managers in the IT industry and a mix of all the above types of Manager


  • They play little politics, they blame a little bit, occasionally workaholic and Legalo Manager most of the time


  • They are indeed a mentor; they are flexible and always achieve the best results by applying due diligence


  • Always try to get best from team members and subordinates; they help you grow by providing transparent and constructive feedback and help you by improving your knowledge and skills


  • Best Manager trust and defend their team and treat everyone with respect; they act as a colleague even though they are the Boss

IT companies which have a high number of Besto Manager are always considered to be the best place to work and grow at a faster rate than any other IT companies of similar size. During the 90s, Infosys has the most number of Besto Manager. Just after 2008, Cognizant was considered to have more Besto Managers. Currently, it’s smaller companies and startups that have a higher number of Besto Manager Mentor.

So write in comments what kind of Manager you got and what is his most frequently used dialogue?

Jai ho India!

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