5 Reasons: Why Cognizant Executives are leaving

Cognizant Executives are leaving
Cognizant Executives are leaving

Cognizant is in the news again as two top-level Cognizant executives have resigned from Leadership roles.

It is not the first time that senior leaders are exiting from Cognizant. However, 22% of the high attrition rate and many senior executives departing Cognizant since the new CEO joined is concerning.

Who are the latest Executives who left Cognizant

Ramkumar Ramamoorthy (Cognizant India Chairman & MD) and Pradeep Shilige (Head of global delivery) have resigned after spending 20+ years at Cognizant. 

It is shocking to see Ramkumar Ramamoorthy leaving the firm, he became the Cognizant India Chairman & MD in September 2019 only.

Timelines and Senior Leadership Changes of Cognizant:

  • In April 2019, Brian Humphries replaced Francisco D’Souza as the Chief Executive Officer of Cognizant Technology Solutions.
  • It appears that Cognizant hired the UK based Brian Humphries because of mainly three reasons:
        1. His experience with digital technologies and his exemplary work on the internet of things ‘IoT’ and cloud transformation projects at Vodafone, which Cognizant believes where future lies.
        2. To grow faster in European and Asia-Pacific markets.
        3. To deal with a series of hurdles, Cognizant was facing that include a court case on tax evasion, inquiry on illegal construction in India, and bribery charges in the US.

Who are other executives who left Cognizant since New Cognizant CEO joined

  • Rajiv Mehta, who was part of former Cognizant CEO Frank Francisco D’Souza’s core team, was the first to leave Cognizant. He moved on April 1, 2019, right after the new CEO Brian Humphries joined Cognizant.
  • During Mid May 2019, Debashis Chatterjee who was executive vice-president and president of global delivery, left Cognizant after 23 years of service. 
  • In recent months, several senior vice-presidents (SVPs) and vice-presidents (VPs) have resigned. Some of the notable names are Rajesh Balaji, Vinayambika Kidiyur, Archana Ramanakumar, Jaideep Poondir, and Vikash Gaur.

Why Cognizant Executives are leaving 

It is hard to find unless someone speaks up; however, as per the experts of the subject: below are the key possible reasons why Cognizant executives are leaving 

  • The organization expects leadership changes and shuffling in the roles and responsibilities of individuals when a new CEO joins from outside of the organization.
  • Leaders who join the firm from outside often bring the people from the former organization, especially considering that Cognizant put a bet on Brian Humphries for his work on Digital transformation, including IoT and cloud transformation
  • Humphries is a 45-year-old youngest boss of this huge IT Company and bringing some compatibility issues with some Senior Indian leadership.
  • Humphries wants more Senior Leaders from cutting edge technologies and Digital Transformation area, however not finding enough leaders within existing Cognizant Leadership.
  • As per the TOI report, CEO Brian Humphries clearly thinks there are too many people on top, and around ~400 people will be asked to leave the firm in a staggered manner. These may be either the people who have been asked to leave the firm or they are going thinking they can be the next.

Cognizant Layoff is recently criticized during this pandemic.

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