3 Key Points: Cognizant Appoints Anil Cheriyan as Powerful Executive

IT and Consulting firm Cognizant has appointed Anil Cheriyan as the Executive Vice President ‘E-VP’ of Strategy and Technology.

Cognizant’s CEO, Brian Humphries, sent an email stating that Anil Cheriyan will join Cognizant on August 3.

3 Key Points about Cognizant’s newly Appointed Executive Vice President Anil Cheriyan 

1. Anil Cherian would be the most powerful executive after CEO in Cognizant

  • Anil Cherian will report directly to Cognizant CEO Brian Humphries. First time in Cognizanta technology leader would report directly to the CEO.
  • Cheriyan will also be a member of the Executive Committee, overseeing global IT, global security, strategy, alliances, and business development. 


2. Anil Cherian’s Background and Experience

  • Mr. Cheriyan studied Bachelor of Science in Electronic and Electrical Engineering from Imperial College in London, UK. Later he earned his Master of Science and Master of Philosophy Degrees in Management.
  • Anil Cheriyan was most recently the Deputy Commissioner Federal Acquisition Service and Director of Technology Transformation Service, where he applied modern methodologies and technologies to improve the public’s experience with the government. As per the TOI report, he oversaw a USD 100 billion technology budget and worked closely with the White House, agency leadership, and the Federal CIO.


3. Why Cognizant is putting a bet on Anil Cheriyan

  • Indian IT Blog has recently covered a detailed story and predicted that a new line of Leaders and Executives in Cognizant would be from more modern Technologies such as Digital Transformation, Cloud, IoT, etc.

If you missed the story, read here:5 Reasons: Why Cognizant Executives are leaving.

  • Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, there is an increased demand among private as well as public sectors to improve digital and cloud capabilities. Cognizant wants to tap every opportunity and putting a bet on someone who is experienced with Federal as well as modern technologies.
  • Anil Cheriyan has done exemplary work as a Director & Deputy Commissioner, Technology Transformation, while serving at US Federal Government. Cognizant’s digital portfolio is increasing and continues to be the focus, which makes this appointment just perfect.


Cognizant has its challenges, including top leadership drains and Layoffs. The time will tell if this decision will help Cognizant to go back to its Golden time; however, bringing Mr.Cheriyan onboard seems like a great deal.

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