10 Game Of Thrones lessons for IT Professionals

10 Game Of Thrones lessons for IT Professionals

Game of Thrones is an immensely popular American television show that has aired on HBO. This Indian IT Blog story shares some Game Of Thrones lessons that IT Professionals can learn

If you ever watched Game of Thrones, you can relate to this article very well, but if you have not watched this TV serial, you can still read this story and learn Game Of Thrones lessons without knowing any of the GoT characters.

1. Honesty & Loyalty comes with a price:


In GoT, Eddard “Ned” Stark is a loyal and honorable person who always fights against corruption and injustice in the Kingdom. He was a good man and tried to do the right thing; however, King orders his immediate execution as part of a big conspiracy in the Kingdom.

In the IT Industry also, you would face many challenges if you are very honest or loyal and trying to do the right things. Many times honest feedback to your Co-workers, Manager can put you in trouble. Some managers take advantage of loyal employees by assigning them additional heavy work.

Life becomes difficult in IT Industry if you are an honorable person with high standards of Honesty and Loyalty; there are fair chances that you would face consequence so “Be Strong and Be Smart” even if you are the “Ned” Stark of your company.

2. Cutting Edge skills will always help you grow faster in your career


In GoT, Daenerys Targaryen (Known as “Khalisi” or “Mother of Fire”) is one of the most popular characters. Starting her journey where she was forced to marry, she rises and becomes the most powerful and influential woman. She would have lost all the battles and died long back if she would not have the ability to survive in fire or would not have got help from her Dragons.

In the IT Industry, having additional skillset help, you grow faster so keep yourself up-to-date with the latest tools and technologies and acquire some other skills per the latest market trends; this will not only help you boost your confidence but also help you get a better job offers even during the recession time.

Invest some time out of your busy schedule to learn some new tools, technologies, programming languages that are not used in your current project but it is a hot skill in Software and IT Market.

3. Winter Recession is Coming


From the very first episode till Season-6, everybody is scared about winter. Nobody wants winter to come. Winter can last up to ten years, so everyone is worried about because they need to stack food else they will die of hunger, cold and dark days for YEARS and more importantly White Walkers (Consider them as Zombies, they are the powerful humanoid creature in GoT who are the supernatural threat to humanity)

In the IT Industry, life is not always smooth and easy. There may be recessions, Layoffs, Down movements. Every IT Professional should prepare for a tough time during their successful period in their professional life. Make strategies and plans for future events like job loss, project change, or any other stressful situation.

You should always have a strategy and contingency plan when things don’t go well in your professional and personal life.

4. Knowledge and Network – True Power in the IT Industry


In GoT, Varys is the most knowledgeable character. He got a big network through which he is aware of almost everything happening across all Kingdoms. He had a very tough life, and he used to be a thief. Soon he realized that information is more valuable than Physical Goods. He is very loyal and always supports the one who is the right and ethical leader of the Kingdom.

In the IT Industry, Network is imperative, and sometimes you cannot do anything just with knowledge. They are mutually dependent, based on your network you get information that becomes knowledge. Networking can be helpful across projects, companies for various tasks like handling escalations, searching for jobs, getting information about the latest happenings in the IT Industry.

Make some good professional friends, increase your network through professional networking sites like Linkedin or other Tech Forum sites; attending various Tech Community events.

5. Accept your Flaws


In GoT, Tyrion Lannister is one of the most loved characters of Game of Thrones. He is the youngest son of Lord Tywin Lannister. A dwarf who uses his smartness and intellect to overcome the prejudice he faces.

In the IT Industry, IT professionals continuously get blames for many things such as poor communication skills/documentation/People Management skills, etc. The point here is- you should be aware of your flaws before someone else.

Identify the skills you want to improve and discuss the plan with your manager to make it more formal and achievable through any company defined performance appraisal or skills assessment process.

6. No Need to be Nice but don’t be rude


InGame of Thrones, King Geoffrey is the most hated character. Joffrey is spoiled, arrogant, cowardly, and cruel. He dies at an early age.

In the IT Industry, sometimes people behave so rudely believing they are correct and another person is not right.
It is not about being right or wrong, and it is all about treating everyone fairly and respectfully even if they made a mistake.

Some people are not friendly at work, and they focus on their professional assignments. There is no need to be super sweet but don’t be rude and watch for your behavior towards the other people. You can always give a firm message without even being rude.

Regularly watch for your behavior at work, seek feedback from co-workers, managers, and other partners, schedule one-on-one meeting with the individuals to resolve the conflict.

7. Take Advantage of Every Opportunity


In GoT, Bronn is a skilled and dangerous fighter. He is unknown to the world until he grabs an opportunity to fight for Tyrion Lannister; basically, he takes a chance and wins.

In the IT industry, many times opportunities are knocking on the door; however IT professionals think they are doing good and enjoying comfortably in the long-serving project and deny the changes which will make them lose the opportunity.

Always take chances based on your calculated risk and don’t be scared of the changes; If you get an opportunity to work on something new then don’t be scared and take chances for your bright future.

8. When Life becomes Tough, you become Tougher


In GoT, Arya is one of the most beloved characters. She is a girl; however, unlike other girls who want to marry a prince charming her dream is to become a powerful fighter. Arya starts her training to learn sword fighting. One of the things that separate her from others is that when life becomes difficult for her, she becomes the better fighter. She can do sword fight even with closed eyes so when she goes blind she can still fight.

In the IT industry, many times we feel that life has become stressful and challenging; however, how many times we respond to that stress with a proper action plan. If you are in a difficult situation, then react with stronger planning and actions.

9. Many times Being street-smart is essential to reach the topmost position.


In GoT, Peter Baelish, also known as Littlefinger is one of the smartest and cunning characters in Game of Thrones.

In the IT Industry, if you aim to reach a top management position, then you don’t need just hard work. You need to be smart and make use of every opportunity and chance.

10. You can make a difference


Once a confused and lonely girl and controlled by her brother, Daenerys is a queen who released thousands of slaves and has taken a stance against human slavery.

In the IT Industry, it is possible that you had a rough start due to Polito Manager or you had got an assignment for a crap project 🙂 or non-popular technology. Don’t get demotivated by this and lay down a perfect plan to grow in the direction you wished when you joined the IT Industry.

I have left with many characters, so if you want to add any Game Of Thrones lessons, please share by writing in the comments.

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