10 Facts about Mobile App ‘SelfScan’ launched by Mamata Banerjee

The chief minister of West Bengal, Mamata Banerjee, launched a new Mobile App ‘SelfScan’ to scan documents for Indian Citizens.

A few days back, India banned 59 apps; the chief minister said that that building and using the Made In India app shows patriotism.

Here are the 10 simple facts about the new SelfScan mobile App 

  1. The West Bengal Information Technology department developed the ‘SelfScan’ App.
  2. This new Selfacan App is currently not available on Google’s Play Store as it is now under review on the app store. 
  3. Amazon’s app store and Samsung Galaxy’s application store has the beta version of this new App.
  4. SelfScan App data is never stored on any server; data always stays in the device.
  5. Unlike other Apps, SelfScan does not track or collect any user data including cookies.
  6. Once installed, SelfScan App works without the internet connection.
  7. The App is entirely free and comes without any ad advertisement.
  8. SelfScan App comes with Optical character recognition (OCR) feature; it is the electronic or mechanical conversion of images of typed, handwritten, or printed text into machine-encoded text.
  9. Currently, the OCR feature is available only in English, but the developers claim that they are working on Bengali, Hindi, and other regional languages.
  10. Visit the SelfScan Official Website for a complete list of features and download links. 

Banerjee said

I would always want to use an app prepared in my country. It reflects patriotism. What Bengal thinks today, the whole world thinks tomorrow.

SelfScan app
SelfScan app

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